Patricia Wise

Art in Siem Reap made changed to accommodate us. As we were given a meal on the plane into Siem Reap and weren't hungry, at our request he changed the welcome meal to the following evening. Also, the bus tickets had been booked for the 8.45am but he changed them to the 7.45 at our request so we weren't too late arriving in Phnomh Penh. He was very enthusiastic about the temples, which we appreciated, and keen to discover new information, taking some photos of details he hadn't noticed before. Sra met us in Phnomh Penh on the Wednesday but was unable to be our guide on the Thursday; however, she arranged for her brother to be our guide so all went smoothly for us. The cyclo tour and visit to the Royal Palace were postponed to the Thursday, which was better as the Royal Palace is better photographed in the morning. We enjoyed the good views of the countryside, villages and towns from the bus so recommend to othersto take the bus. There were 2 stops of 10mins and 1 of half an hour en route. Apart from the last part on new unfinished roads in the outskirts of Phnomh Penh, the road surfaces were good.


The guides were key. Tre (? spelling) who guided us in the middle from the border to Phnom Penn was the best for us. He was a good cyclist and enjoyed chatting to locals and engaging them with us which we enjoyed. He understood our interests and adapted to meet them. The routes were great and the guides knowledge of tiny paths and back routes made for interesting and fun days.

Jackie John

My trip so far has been fantastic. The 'home stay ' was a real eye opener. I absolutely loved the whole of my trip in and around Siem Reap. The mini bus for 1 up to Banteay Chhmar maybe a little over the top though, but they arrived on time at 7 am and we stopped off on the way at a market and got a few sweet treats for the family (helped to choose something by the interpretur) the silk factory visit was fascinating, and the guide super informative ( we were chatting far too long!! But as it was only me it was fine!!) the drive itself was fairly terrifying! The road is under construction and it was a game of 'chicken' the whole way! Arrived alive though :-). It was fantastic to have such personal contact with the guide/interpreter, he gave me such an insight in to his and his families experiences during the war and Khmer Rouge, I am personally really interested in this whole subject, and he was very open about it, infact quite passionate and emotional. The guide at the community project was lovely and very personable.i had a very lovely but huge lunch prepared for me( far too much for 1) luckily a Canadian couple arrived independently and I invited them too share it with me. They actually tagged onto my 'private' tour, which gave me some company. My actual 'home stay ' I found a little awkward...? Although my driver and the interpreter were staying there I felt not exactly welcome?? ( their small baby was very poorly and infact went off to Siem Reap to hospital!!?? So that could have made them rather preoccupied ?!) my room at the home stay was very authentic ! Although as I was already a 'spectacle' having windows on 3 sides and no window coverings at all, made me feel even more on show!! Any privacy was an issue! I stupidly hadn't taken a torch! This is a MUST and def needs to be mentioned in any literature. The host gave me their only one! It's pitch black there !! The dinner at the temple was great, I was joined by the Canadian couple and another french couple staying elsewhere in the village.the temple/area itself is really special, all in all it was an experience I'm glad I had. Bk to Siem reap.The cruise was fantastic ! I'm not sure it was the one you had booked me on as their was only 6 passengers, however it was the highlight of my trip!! (Apart from 'home stay experience' !!) everything went perfectly from me arriving at the FCC delicious lunch!  Yep everything has been fantastic, I did mention to the project co-ordinator about no window coverings so I don't know if he will do anything about it? But I managed. So the cruise down the river was fantastic, it was on a french boat and only 6 of us and 13 crew!! The best thing ever :-) staff, food, crew, cabin, excursions were perfect wish I could have done a longer one. I would definitely recommend that one. The tour guide (Vala was his name)was brill and gave us lots of little extra information and a history lesson one afternoon ( with refreshments supplied!!) we were all confused over the historic facts but wanted to understand so he spent a good hr or more chatting with us, the captain was also very entertaining. I am so glad I got you to organise those bit for me. Vietnam is going ok ( now I'm out of Saigon, didn't enjoy it..? ) in Hoi An for a week and loving it, loads of cookery classes booked but I think the north of Cambodia has def been my favourite.

Simon Armour

The temples of Angkor, but particularly visiting Ta Som in the rain, beautiful and atmospheric, and Banteay Srei with its intricate carvings and idyllic setting.  Later our cycling tour of the silk island near Phnom Penh, particularly thanks to our lovely guide, Nara, who took the time to show us so many aspects of traditional Cambodian life on this peaceful island, including the silk weaving, tofu making, and sampling local food as well as sharing her knowledge of the local flora.  The visit to Toul Sleng and the killing fields made a lasting impact on us, especially so because of the expanded context given by our guide, Nara. After those harrowing but essential visits to hear the story of the genocide, the Lotus Blanc restaurant and Pour Sourir l'Enfant school was truly inspiring and uplifting.  Our seaside experience at La Flamboyant resort in Kep was lovely and ideal for families, while the sailing club is a must for dinner, watching the sunset, and the Kep National Park is wonderful.Phnom Penh was an interesting place to visit, and the Blue Lime hotel was lovely, but I would not spend too long in the city when there are so many beautiful places to see in the rest of the country.  Being vegetarian, we thought we may struggle to find good food, but it was not difficult at all, with lots of lovely Khmer curries and stir fries, and the Chamkar in Siem Reap was truly outstanding with its unique and gorgeous menu, and in Phnom Penh, the Friends restaurant and the Vegetarian were both excellent in very different ways.  Visit the Institute of Khmer Traditional Textiles, in Siem Reap, to see how the unique traditional skills are being revived using natural dyes and Cambodian techniques. An real experience, with such lovely people and places, we will never forget!  Everything went very smoothly and to plan over three different locations, which is quite an achievement too!

Valerie Smith

We had a fantastic time in Cambodia – everything was perfectly organised and ran completely smoothly, so thank you for that. All of our guides were excellent, but I don’t think we can say enough complimentary things about Arth and Polo.  They were incredibly friendly, great fun and soooo helpful (when I left things in the hotel, fell off my bike(!), needed help with translation etc, etc).  They were both also really knowledgeable.  We were really lucky  I think, having time with them on our own, as it gave us insights into many aspects of Cambodia that we may not have had otherwise. Nanth (I’m sure I’ve spelt this incorrectly) our driver was also delightful, and despite our truly awful attempts at Khmer, we did manage to communicate well and he was unfailingly helpful.